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HolidaySpanish, essential Spanish tourist phrases that will help you get by on holiday in the Spanish speaking world.

This is a free resource for picking up some basic “holiday Spanish”. Useful phrases that will get you by on holiday in the Spanish speaking world. Here you’ll learn: how to ask for directions; order foodand drink, as well as much more.

If you only learn one phrase you better make it, “No hablo español, ¿hablas inglés?” (I don’t speak Spanish, do you speak English?). While an English speaker may well understand “Do you speak English?” they are far more likely to help you if you speak ask in their native tongue. The wide range of accents also make it highly likely that you’re not easily recognisable as an English speaker and wouldn’t be understood either.

Now you′ve learnt how to say you don′t speak Spanish, and how to ask, “Do you speak English?”. Consider your first Spanish lesson complete. Click here to find out about Spanish greetings.