Spanish Greetings

Impress the Spanish speakers you meet! In this section you will find some basic greetings and to start polite small talk.

Saying Hello and Goodbye

EnglishSpanish Pronunciation
Hello, HiHolaOh-la
Good morning/dayBuenos diasBwe-nos di-ahs
Good afternoonBuenas tardesBwe-nas tar-des
Good evening/nightBuenas nochesBwe-nas noh-ches
Pleased to meet youMucho gustoMu-cho goos-toe
See you later Hasta luegoHas-ta lwe-go
See you soonHasta prontoHas-ta pron-toh

Buenos dias is used from when it gets light to midday, buenas tardes from midday until it gets dark, and buenas noches after dark.

The word luego translates as later and hasta as until. Hasta luego (see you later) can be easily adapted. For example, replacing luego (later) with mañana (tomorrow), the sentence would become hasta mañana (see you tomorrow). See the Date and Time Section for more possibilities.