spanish phrases to use on holiday

Essential Spanish Phrases

Spanish Pronunciation
Find out how to pronounce different words and sounds in Spanish. Improve the Spanish you use on holiday with the pronounciation tips from HolidaySpanish.

Find free tips on the Spanish Pronouciation page, or start off with excellent pronounciation by using Say It Right in SPANISH
Spanish GreetingsLearn different Spanish greetings and when to use them
Spanish Small TalkLearn some basic words and phrases to make smalltalk in Spanish
NationalitiesLearn the different nationalities in Spanish
Spanish NumbersFind out how to count in Spanish
Spanish Cardinal NumbersSpanish cardinal numbers, first, second, third, etc
Pointing WordsLearn how to say this, that, these, them and other pointing words in Spanish
Changing MoneyFind out how to count in Spanish
GrammarBasic Spanish grammar. Learn about genders and plurality

Date and Time in Spanish

Spanish Days of the WeekDays of the week in Spanish
Spanish Months of the YearLearn how to say the months and tell the date in Spanish

Spanish Accommodation Phrases

Spanish Accommodation PhrasesSpanish phrases to make hotel reservations
Complaining in SpanishComplaining in a foreign language is difficult at the best of times. HolidaySpanish helps with some basic Spanish phrases to complain on holiday

Spanish Phrases to Help You Get Around

Asking for DirectionsPhrases to help you ask for, and understand, directions when on holiday in a Spanish speaking country
Public TransportPhrases to help you take the bus in the Spanish speaking world
Taxi CabsPhrases to help you get a taxi in the Spanish speaking world

Going Out in Spanish

How to Order a DrinkEssential Spanish holiday phrases to help you order food on holiday
Spanish Restaurant PhrasesEssential Spanish holiday phrases to help you find a restaurant and reserve a table in Spanish
How to Order FoodEssential Spanish holiday phrases to order drinks on holiday. Learn how the names of different drinks in Spanish
Using the BathroomEssential Spanish holiday phrases to help when you need to use the bathroom. Learn how to ask to use the bathroom and for more toilet paper
Fussy EatersEssential Spanish holiday phrases for fussy eaters on holiday. A wide range of phrases for fussy eaters on holiday. Learn how to say you're vegetarian and for the meat eaters, how you'd like your steak cooked

Shopping in Spanish

How to Shop in SpanishEssential Spanish holiday phrases when shopping in a Spanish speaking country
Spanish ShopsList of different shops in Spanish
Spanish ClothingNames for items of clothing in Spanish
Spanish ColoursLearn the different colours in Spanish

Dealing with Holiday Emergencies

Medical EmergenciesEssential Spanish holiday phrases to help you cope in an emergency. Learn how to call for help as well as to discuss problems with a doctor
Holiday InsuranceA comparison of holiday insurance terms and conditions